The staff was real caring. They asked a lot of questions and if we had any questions. They made sure Carol was comfortable and worked with her a lot. They did everything possible. They were just super people. We had them a short period of time, but they explained everything so well. They were just THERE. They couldn't do no more.
Jim Bandy, Dundee - Jim's wife Carol received hospice care from Hospice of Comfort.


The caring choice

Hospice touches lives, supports families, strengthens communities...  when a helping hand is needed most.

Choosing hospice provides a focus on quality of life, symptom control, relationships, values, and choices. Hospice care is designed to help the person make the most of each hour and each day of their remaining life.

Considering Hospice Care

Hospice care may be appropriate when the patient, family, and physician determine that medical treatment no longer offers a cure, or the patient and family have decided to stop treatment.

Services Provided

Hospice provides support and peace at the end of life’s journey, creating a loving environment where family members and friends can say goodbye.

Our Team

We strive to allow patients to live at home as long as possible.