Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

October 24, 2022 in News, Parent Education & Support

Brought to you by RMC Parents As Teachers

Halloween is always a fun and exciting time for our youth. Regional Medical Center (RMC) Parents As Teachers want everyone to have a fun, safe holiday!

Please keep in mind these safety tips and review them with your child(ren):

  • Always monitor pumpkin carving
    Children younger than 5 should not use carving knives. Have them paint or decorate pumpkins instead!
  • Remind children of street safety
    Children should always use sidewalks. Remind them to look both ways and look again before crossing a street. Add reflective tape to their costume or give them a flashlight to walk with.
  • Check candy when you get home
    Closely examine candy after trick or treating. Throw away any that are unwrapped, have tears or pinholes, or look suspicious.

Find more safety tips and tricks at parents.com/holiday/halloween/21-halloween-safety-tips-for-parents. Have a safe and Happy Halloween!