Protective Factors in Our Community

Protective Factors in Our Community

November 1, 2022 in News, Parent Education & Support

We all want the best for our children. Every child should have the opportunity to grow up feeling safe and loved. Regional Medical Center Parents As Teachers is focusing on prevention of child abuse and neglect by educating and promoting protective factors in your family and community.

Protective factors are a set of characteristics that can be present both at a family and community level. When these factors are present, they can help reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect and improve the overall well-being of children and families. 

Parent resilience: The ability to deal efficiently with stress, adversity or trauma. 

Social connections: Relationships with family, friends, neighbors or other community members. 

Concrete support in times of need: Gives families the support and resources they need during times of struggle or stress.

Knowledge of parenting and child development: Learning new things about parenting and child development allows parents to evaluate the impact of their own experiences on their development and current parenting practices. It also helps parents to consider that there may be more effective ways of guiding and responding to their children.

We all play a role in neglect and prevention. By working to promote at least one of these protective factors in your family or community, you are playing a role in prevention. It takes a village.