Supporting Children’s Mental Wellness

Supporting Children’s Mental Wellness

January 25, 2023 in News, Parent Education & Support

As we begin a new year, it’s a great time to focus on mental wellness. Specifically, children’s mental wellness. Regional Medical Center’s (RMC) Parents as Teachers (PAT) reminds parents/caregivers that cultivating a positive environment for children’s mental health is just as important as protecting their physical well-being. 

How do we help our children stay mentally healthy? As parents, it’s crucial to ensure our children are feeling supported in all stages of development. By modeling healthy coping skills at home, you can show them how to deal with their own emotions. It’s very normal for a child’s behavior to change, however if you notice your child is becoming more isolated or withdrawn, it may be a sign they’re experiencing a situation they do not know how to process. Keep communication open and honest, and always let them know they are loved and supported.

When do we seek professional help? It’s important to note that professional intervention is important to seek when your child is having great difficulty. Among children, it’s common to see negative changes in the way they learn, behave or handle their emotions. If the symptoms they are experiencing are interfering with school, home or play activities, don’t be afraid to find and ask for help - it can be a benefit to both parties. 

Parents as Teachers is a free community program designed to support parents and children in Delaware County, so feel free to reach out at 563-927-7685 if you have any questions.