The Giving Wall

In the winter of 2015, Regional Medical Center completed its largest expansion in history - a two story addition including a new Medical Surgical/Special Care Unit, Specialty Clinic, and Main Lobby.

Within the lobby, The Giving Wall can now be viewed by all patients and visitors. This vibrant wall was designed to give a sense of ‘life’ and ‘energy’ within the lobby, and to give special recognition to those donors who have cumulatively contributed $1,000 or more to Regional Medical Center.

The size and shading of each tile depicts the various ranges of gifts, from $1,000; $5,000; $10,000; $25,000; $50,000; $100,000; $250,000; $500,000; and $1,000,000.  This wall was created to show the significant impact individuals and families can make over time.  As donors’ gifts accumulate over time and reach a new level of gifting, their name is transferred to a new tile, representing  the ever growing impact donors make on our hospital, the services we provide, and the communities we serve.

For more information on The Giving Wall, please contact Donor Relations .

The Giving Wall Photo: The Giving Wall includes donor who have cumulatively given $1,000 or more to Regional Medical Center. This list is reviewed and updated annually.