Project Linus Blankets to Bring Comfort to Young RMC Patients

Posted 12/4/2013 in Auxiliary

Many hands make light the work. Rosemary Klein and Ardelle Brooks are among the 20 blanketeers who gave time and talent to finish the Project Linus blankets.                                                       

Sandy Butikofer and grandchildren, Anelyse and     Joseph Gerst,  enjoyed creating comfort blankets at the workshop.

34 fleece blankets were made at the Project Linus Workshop organized by the Regional Medical Center (RMC) Auxiliary and held in Veterans Education Center on Friday, November 22nd.  Generous donors gave enough fleece fabric to keep the blanketeers busy during the 4 hour workshop. Eight youth were among the 20 volunteers who clipped fringe and tucked ends to give the blankets a bunny ear or hound ear finish. The blankets were immediately available to give comfort to young patients of RMC’s Emergency Department and Med-Surg/Special Care Unit.

Watch for details about the next Project Linus Workshop planned to take place in early 2014.   

The Regional Medical Center Auxiliary, is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to promote wellness in the community, serve as a liaison between the hospital and the community, and conduct fundraising projects to assist the hospital in meeting its objectives. Project Linus, is a non-profit organization, which provides security through blankets to children in need. Blankets are lovingly made by adults and children “blanketeers” from all walks of life and many different sources.