RMC Auxiliary Continues to Give Back

Posted 9/10/2020 in Auxiliary

$14,651.61 in Donations in 2020

The Regional Medical Center (RMC) Auxiliary continues to give back to RMC to in-turn help the communities we serve.

The focal point for the Auxiliary’s donation this year was ensuring any equipment used for RMC patients/visitors with sudden cardiac arrest was up-to-date. The purchase of a Lifepak 1000 AED for Ambulatory Surgery Center and a Lifepak 20e Defibrillator for the Specialty Clinic totaled $14,651.61.

“RMC has hundreds of patients and visitors entering the building every day for various medical related issues. Having these defibrillators and AED devices immediately available if a patient or visitor were to have a cardiac event during their visit to RMC can save their life,” shared LeAnn Fenton, RMC Acute Care Director. “We had several machines that were going to be outdated this year. We are grateful for the Auxiliary's generous donation that allowed us to get these AED machines and defibrillators replaced with updated machines.”

Join us in thanking the RMC Auxiliary for all they do for our communities and those RMC serves. If you want to learn more about the Auxiliary, please contact Jody Hatfield at 563-927-7581 or visit regmedctr.org/auxiliary.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Team with Lifepak 1000 AED

Specialty Clinic Nurses with Lifepak 20e Defibrillator