RMC Auxiliary Donates Towards Upgrades

Posted 4/12/2019 in Auxiliary

The Regional Medical Center (RMC) Auxiliary has once again set itself apart as a vital part of RMC’s growth and success. This year, the Auxiliary funded three new items for the hospital, totalling almost $15,000 in donations.

RMC’s Lab Department purchased a 4 bay plasma thawer for $5,394. A plasma thawer assists in the transfusion of blood products that are important to help clotting. The addition of the 4 bay plasma thawer will help better stabilize critical trauma patients. 

The Auxiliary funded the installation of a beautiful feature wall in the Sheppard MRI Suite. The wooden wall adds warmth and visual interest to the space.  The Auxiliary was also able to fund a satellite radio system for the new suite. This allows patients to wear MRI-compatible headphones during their scan and listen to any music they choose.  If you have ever had an MRI, you might have noticed the machine is very loud when it is scanning. We feel the music will be a very nice addition to the patient's overall experience. The feature wall and the satellite radio totaled $8,232.

The last donation from the Auxiliary was for a shatter-resistant TV enclosure, which wraps around a normal TV. The Auxiliary was able to fully fund the $1,359 piece of equipment.

Dollars for these donations stem from Auxiliary fundraisers as well as HILLTOP Gift Shop sales. The RMC Auxiliary’s mission is to promote wellness in the community, serve as a liaison between the hospital and the community, and conduct fundraising projects to assist the hospital in meeting its mission. To learn more about the Auxiliary, visit regmedctr.org/auxiliary or contact Alyssa Boies at alyssa.boies@regmedctr.org or 563-927-7441.