RMC Recognizes American Heart Month

Posted 2/16/2021 in Cardiac Rehabilitation

Every year in the month of February, Regional Medical Center (RMC) and Regional Family Health (RFH) along with the American Heart Association recognizes “American Heart Month”. This month is dedicated to bring awareness of the importance of heart health. 

The first Friday of February was National “Wear Red Day”. “Our staff wore red on February 5th as a way to raise awareness of heart disease and the powerful impact it has on American lives,” stated Jane Dzaboff, Employee Health & Wellness Center Coordinator. She adds, “RMC is dedicated to efforts to ensure our community members live a longer and healthier life.” 

Protect that heart of yours! Here are a few ways how:  

  • Schedule an appointment with your primary healthcare provider. They can help you understand your heart health.
  • Get moving! Any type of movement in your day is great! 
  • Have some fun in your kitchen and cook up some delicious heart-healthy meals.
  • If you currently smoke, take steps to quit.
  • And, be sure to take your blood pressure and cholesterol medications as prescribed by your provider.

If you would like to begin a heart healthy journey, reach out to your healthcare provider or Regional Family Health at 563-927-7777. Take care of your ‘ticker’ so you continue to make memories with your family and friends!