RMC Recognizes American Diabetes Month

Posted 11/14/2019 in Diabetes

Each November, Regional Medical Center (RMC) along with the American Diabetes Association promotes diabetes education and awareness. This year, the focus is on taking action. “There are many ways to commit to a healthy lifestyle, whether you have diabetes or not,” said Cara Recker, RMC Registered Dietitian. “Take action this month by trying a new healthy recipe or getting started with a physical activity routine.”

Cara Recker, RMC Dietitian“Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating blandly,” Cara explains. There are many healthy, flavor-rich recipes the whole family will enjoy that can be found online at diabetes.org/nutrition, or you can make a free appointment with an RMC registered dietitian. “It’s all about finding what works for you.”

On the same token, coming up with a regular exercise plan when you’re not currently active can seem challenging, but physical activity is an important part of managing diabetes or dealing with prediabetes. Need a little help developing a fitness plan tailored to you? RMC’s Bob Holtz Wellness Center has personal trainers on staff to help with the task. Whether it’s taking regular walks around the block, going for a run, or signing up for a marathon - getting started is the most important part.

If you’re concerned that you or a loved one might be at risk for Type 2 diabetes or you would like help managing a current diagnosis, make an appointment with your provider or Diabetes Education by calling Regional Family Health at 563-927-7777.