During a Heart Attack-When Time is Muscle-LIFENET® Can Help

Posted 4/6/2018 in Emergency Services

Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Department now has a new, life-saving tool called the LIFENET® System. This system transmits a patient’s vitals and information from the ambulance (or even patient’s residence) to the Emergency Department providers at the hospital. This helps the care teams provide treatment faster and more effectively.

For instance: a patient is experiencing symptoms of a heart attack. They call 911 and the ambulance arrives. An EMT takes their vitals and collects data. Through LIFENET®, that information is transmitted immediately to Regional Medical Center (RMC). That way, a provider can review that information instantly. This saves time and in the event of a heart attack, every second equals more muscle loss. From there, we know if we can treat them at RMC or if it is best to transfer the patient to a cardiac specialty unit.

“In a cardiac emergency, time is muscle,” said Spenser VandeVoorde, EMS Coordinator at RMC. “The sooner we can get the patient in the correct area of treatment, the better chance they have of making a full recovery.”