RMC EMS Visits West Delaware Class

Posted 6/6/2018 in Emergency Services

In May, Regional Medical Center (RMC) ambulance Paramedic Jake Lindauer and EMT Lisa Holtz were invited to West Delaware's Anatomy and Physiology class to discuss healthcare careers and volunteer opportunities in Emergency Services. During the visit, students were given a tour of the ambulance and shown equipment used in the field to bring healthcare into the patient's own home. Students saw firsthand how much equipment EMS providers need to carry when student Tristan Voelker strapped the many bags to himself and attempted to walk. They were taught the importance of EMS in rural communities and how calling 911 to request an ambulance can save precious time for a patient with a heart attack or other emergencies.

“We hope by sharing the value of EMS, we can help guide local students to a rewarding career in healthcare, and maybe even see them working as a paramedic or EMT in the RMC ambulance in the future,” said Jake Lindauer, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator at RMC.

 West Delaware students watch the presentation.

 RMC EMT Lisa Holtz demonstrates.