RFH Dyersville Providers Announced

Posted 7/29/2019 in Family Practice

In May, Regional Family Health (RFH), a service of Regional Medical Center (RMC), announced a new clinic was to be constructed in Dyersville. The new clinic will be located next to Highway 20, within the boundaries of Delaware County.

The new clinic will be staffed by four family practice providers. Sarah Hartman, nurse practitioner; Ann Mead, physician’s assistant; Michelle Radloff, nurse practitioner and midwife; and Dr. Nicole Salow will begin seeing patients at the Dyersville clinic in early 2020. In addition to providing care in Dyersville, these providers will continue to see patients in Manchester. Together they will bring over 40 years of family medicine experience to the Dyersville community. As a certified nurse midwife, Michelle Radloff will also see obstetric (OB) patients to oversee their prenatal care.

In addition to family practice and OB care, the Dyersville clinic will offer laboratory services, immunizations, and DOT physicals. The clinic will be open Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM. 

To follow the progress on the Dyersville clinic, follow RMC on social media or check our website for updates.

Sarah Hartman

Ann Mead

Michelle Radloff

Nicole Salow