The Season of Giving

Posted 12/11/2018 in Fund Development

Help bring in-house MRI to Regional Medical Center

This time of the year is crazy busy with many different checklists for each of us. While each of our lists might look a little different, we all have the same idea in mind. We are looking for the perfect gift for that special someone in our lives. This may be a book, a new toy, electronics, a donation to your local church or favorite charity, or could be as simple as a favorite baked good or sweet treat. It’s the season of giving!

We invite you to consider adding Regional Medical Center (RMC) to your Christmas checklist. Help bring an in-house MRI to RMC in Manchester. For many years, MRIs have been performed at RMC by Health Enterprises Mobile Services. When the mobile unit was not available, patients had to be referred to other facilities.

After extensive research and planning, RMC has officially chosen a new MRI. The Siemens Magnetom Aera 24 1.5T will be installed on the first level of the hospital, residing in what will be known as the Sheppard MRI Suite. The new machine will be ready for patients in May 2019.

The addition of an in-house MRI will ultimately provide better healthcare and a better patient experience for you! If you are interested in giving to RMC this holiday season, visit or mail your donation to Regional Medical Center, Attn: Donations, PO Box 359, Manchester, IA 52057.

Questions? Contact Valerie Lindsay at 563-927-7534 or

Happy Holidays from RMC!