A day in the life of A Home Care/Hospice Nurse

Posted 1/1/2017 in Hospice

By Jean Vorwald, RN

My love for being a Home Care/Hospice Nurse starts with the diversity that it provides. My wonderful clients keep me challenged, stimulated, and happy. I care for a full circle of life from babies to elderly. I work with many different diagnosis and equipment, making every day a new adventure.

I take away as much as I give. As a Home Care/Hospice Nurse, I continue to learn and grow every day. My role does not become mundane and boring. I go to work with a smile on my face and ready to meet the challenges of the day. I am my client’s lifeline. I am a Home Care/Hospice Nurse.

My clients’ needs are ever changing. I need to be able to make adjustments quickly.

When bad weather, road construction, or phone calls happen unexpectedly, I am prepared to change plans to best accommodate the needs of my clients. During a home care visit, there is not the same equipment and supplies available as there is in a hospital. I am creative with things around the home to get things done. I also keep many containers of supplies that I may need in my car to provide the most complete care possible.

A sense of humor and an open mind are important to me.

I look for positivity in every situation. Humor is usually intertwined with positivity. I want to be a welcomed guest to all my clients. I ask my clients to keep an open mind even in the most difficult times. I sincerely want my clients to have a positive outlook on their situation.

I help clients and caregivers gain confidence with their skills.

I teach caregivers in-home skills. I provide education and support to my clients so they can become proficient with their disease process, which is instrumental for my clients to remain independent in their homes.