Congratulations to RMC's Parents As Teachers Program

Posted 12/8/2017 in Parent Education & Support

for earning the Iowa Family Support Credential again

Regional Medical Center along with the Iowa Department of Management and Public Health is pleased to announce the RMC Parents As Teachers (PAT) program for Delaware County has once again earned the Iowa Family Support Credential.

The Iowa Family Support Credential is awarded to family support and parent education programs that are confirmed through an external assessment to be in substantial adherence to the Iowa Family Support Standards.

“We are so excited to have achieved this credential again.  Our parent educators, Tina Ostrander and Morgan Neuhaus, are very focused on the work they do with families in our county and continue to do a great job!” shared Delma Hardin, Delaware County Public Health Manager.

To learn more about RMC’s PAT program or how your family could benefit from these services, call 563-927-7551, visit, or email

About the Iowa Family Support Standards

The Iowa Family Support Standards are based on the most up-to-date, evidence based practice in the family support field.  Adherence to the standards indicates that the program is providing high quality services that will result in positive outcomes for young children and their families.  A peer review was conducted by trained peers from central Iowa to validate the program’s adherence to the standards.  The Iowa Family Support Credential is valid for five years.  To learn more about the Iowa Family Support Credential, contact Janet Horras with the Iowa Department of Public Health at 515-954-0647 or


Pictured: Tina Ostrander, Delma Hardin, Morgan Neuhaus