Touch of Love During the Holiday Season

Posted 11/8/2021 in Parent Education & Support

Brought to you by Regional Medical Center Parents As Teachers

Regional Medical Center (RMC) Parents As Teachers (PAT) along with First Lutheran Church will be hosting their annual “Touch of Love” program during this holiday season to help families who may need a little extra support.

“Everyone has the power to change someone’s life during the holiday season, especially the lives of those in our own community. Helping support children and their families - whether that be large or small gestures - can make a huge difference during the holiday season,” expresses Morgan Neuhaus, PAT Supervisor.

If you want to help others in need at this time, PAT is accepting tax-deductible monetary donations to assist struggling families that participate in PAT’s program. 

Parents as Teachers offers in-home family and child development support for families prenatally up to 5 years of age. It’s a free, voluntary service for Delaware County residents. For more information on the PAT program check out

You may drop off or mail donations to the following location: RMC East Office Building 613 West Main Street, PO Box 359, Manchester.

If you have questions or are a family wanting to get involved in the Parents as Teachers Program, contact us at 563-927-7595.