COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shots Update

Posted 10/22/2021 in Public Health

Brought to you by Delaware County Public Health

Effective immediately, the CDC recommends individuals who received a Pfizer (Comirnaty) or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine are eligible for a booster shot at 6 months or more after their initial two-dose series:

Individuals may self-report that they are eligible and receive a booster shot wherever vaccines are offered. 

Effective immediately, the CDC recommends individuals age 18 and older who received a Johnson & Johnson (J&J) COVID-19 vaccine should receive a booster dose at least 2 months after receiving the initial dose. There is no additional eligibility criteria for the J&J booster dose.

In general, the same product used for the primary regimen should be used for the booster. However, the CDC does now allow for “mix and match” booster doses for booster shots. Please talk to your healthcare provider for guidance on your booster dose if you have questions.

Delaware County Public Health will provide more information on upcoming vaccine clinics for booster doses next week.

If you have not yet received your initial COVID-19 vaccine, we encourage you to do so. The vaccine is readily available for those age 12+. Visit to identify where you can get your vaccine. If you have any questions, please call Delaware County Public Health at 563-927-7551.