It's Not Too Late to Protect You and Your Family From the Flu

Posted 1/31/2020 in Public Health

Brought to you by RMC and Delaware County Public Health

Surveillance by the Iowa Department of Public Health and Delaware County Public Health, and testing by the State Hygienic Laboratory indicate flu activity continues to be widespread in Iowa. The flu season typically peaks in February and can last as late as May. “As long as flu viruses are circulating, it’s not too late to get the vaccine,” said Delma Hardin, Delaware County Public Health Coordinator. 

There has been much focus on the novel coronavirus first detected in China and while public health officials take the novel coronavirus outbreak seriously, the risk of influenza is much more significant to Delaware County residents. It’s not too late to receive the flu vaccine and in order to prevent flu and other viruses from spreading, remember the three Cs:

  • Clean your hands frequently with soap and water.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with your elbow or upper arm.
  • Contain germs by staying home when ill.

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