Ed-Co Volleyball Team and Community Raise $8,000 for RMC Breast Cancer Patients

Posted 5/22/2017 in Radiology

In May, the Ed-Co Volleyball team presented Regional Medical Center (RMC) with a donation check of $8,000. This generous gift will be used to fund care packages for local, newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. These packages are filled with thoughtful items that have been selected by the RMC Radiology staff, including gas cards, comfort items, and inspirational messages written by the Ed-Co Volleyball team. 

RMC Radiology Manager Lynn MacTaggart put it best by saying, “For years, the Ed-Co Volleyball team’s donations have helped provide comfort and support to RMC breast cancer patients and survivors. We want to send the team a heartfelt thanks on behalf of RMC and all of the women whose lives have been touched by their gifts.”

Together with the Edgewood and Colesburg communities, RMC pledges to help support those that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Together, we can continue to fight this fight so the battle will be won against this disease. Women have a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer. Use this opportunity to remind the special women in your life to schedule their mammogram.

For more information or to speak with RMC’s Radiology Department, call 563-927-7338.