Mike Chapman Honored as 2019 IHA Hospital Hero

Posted 8/2/2019 in Regional Medical Center

Regional Medical Center (RMC) is pleased to announce that former RMC employee Mike Chapman has been honored as a 2019 Iowa Hospital Association (IHA) Hospital Hero. Mike was a committed RMC employee for over 33 years, serving in a variety of roles and working a variety of shifts. He worked as a Welcome Desk Representative most recently, making sure the first face patients and guests saw was friendly and helpful. Mike also served as an EMT during his career at RMC, responding to countless calls no matter what time of day.

There are many things Mike has done to earn the nomination, but just to mention a few: picking up extra EMT shifts at all hours of the day and on weekends to ensure there was adequate coverage for the citizens of the RMC service area; continuing on the legacy of the late Paul “Greenie” Kammarmeyer, making children smile by creating balloon animals at community events and within the hospital; and multiple other seemingly small, but impactful and compassionate things he has done for patients, patient’s family members, employees, applicants, clergy and more.

In December 2017, Mike was working at the Welcome Desk when he observed a patient that didn’t look quite right. Immediately, Mike jumped into action using his EMT knowledge, put his hands on the patient’s chest, and recognized the signs of a heart attack. The patient’s daughter put it best when she said, “Mike is an angel and such an amazing, kind hearted, caring man. I truly believe it is because of his quick actions that my dad is still with us today. There are no words to describe how thankful my entire family is that Mike was there that day.”

Mike also made quite an impression on the late Edith Boll and her family when she was going through Dialysis services. He always assisted Edith with the transport process from the vehicle to Tri-State Dialysis, making the patient’s experience much easier and more pleasant - rain, snow, or shine. While he wheeled Edith, he would sing “You Are My Sunshine”, and she would join in. When Edith passed away, Mike attended her funeral and sang their song as a tribute. Edith’s daughters Carolyn Boll and Kathy Hopp shared, “Mike had a special touch that would always cheer her up. He held a special place in her heart and we know she held a special place in his heart.” 

Mike will be honored at the IHA Annual Meeting on October 9, 2019 at Community Choice Union and Convention Center in Des Moines.

Valerie Lindsay, fellow RMC employee shared, “Mike is someone we should all aspire to be and the perfect candidate for the 2019 Hospital Heroes Award. He’s a positive role model for not only our healthcare organization but for our community.” Please join us in congratulating Mike on this incredible honor!