Patient and Family Advisory Council Established at RMC

Posted 10/10/2019 in Regional Medical Center

Regional Medical Center (RMC) has established a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) to bring perspectives, ideas and priorities of the community into planning, improvement, safety and quality within the hospital. The goal is to gain a better understanding of patient and family interactions. The council is comprised of volunteer community members: Brandie Cummings, Sarah Helle, Jane Jones, Linda Petersen, Gail Prinsen, and Joan Schmidt; as well as Regional Medical Center's Quality Services Manager Amanda Donlon, Chief Nursing Officer Heather Ries, and Chief Executive Officer Charlie Button. The council meets regularly to provide constructive feedback from personal experiences and experiences which have been shared with them and provide feedback on current projects related to patient's experiences with the hospital.

PFAC members: Back row left to right- Amanda Donlon, Sarah Helle, Brandie Cummings, Heather Ries.
Front row left to right- Charlie Button, Linda Petersen, Joan Schmidt, Gail Prinsen. 
Absent- Jane Jones.