Regional Medical Center Inpatient Capacity Concerns

Posted 8/30/2021 in Regional Medical Center

Everyday people seek care at our healthcare facilities, entrusting their health with our team of providers and staff. We strive to provide quality care to everyone who walks through our doors. Likewise, we are committed to providing transparent communication to the communities we serve.

Regional Medical Center (RMC), like other healthcare facilities across the state and nation, are experiencing inpatient capacity concerns in our Medical/Surgical/Intensive Care Department. There are different contributing factors including but not limited to COVID-19, RSV, as well as other illnesses and injuries. Added to this local capacity concern, RMC is having difficulty transferring patients needing higher levels of care to larger facilities in surrounding cities. This is due to these larger facilities experiencing inpatient capacity concerns as well. So, instead of transferring patients where we typically would to Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, or Waterloo, RMC is sometimes having to transfer patients farther away to locations such as Des Moines or Mason City. If RMC is unable to transfer a patient out, know that our team will engage additional resources and make every effort to provide the highest level of care possible for that patient.

“This situation is very real. Contrary to some perceptions, COVID-19 is not an elderly person disease,” shares Heather Ries, RMC Chief Nursing Officer. “With the new Delta variant that is circulating, younger people ranging from their mid 20s to 50s are getting sicker and sicker more quickly than with the previous strain of COVID-19. Seeing young people this sick is very difficult and trying for our team members.”

RMC’s inpatient unit capacity fluctuates on a daily basis and as of today is nearing capacity. Leaders meet routinely to communicate and strategize what the needs are at our facility as well at surrounding facilities.

“We understand this information may be alarming; however, we want our community to be aware and knowledgeable of what is happening around them and at their local hospital,” shared Danette Kramer, Chief Executive Officer.

Please do not hesitate to come to RMC if you need routine or emergent healthcare. We have safety protocols in place to ensure we are providing quality, safe care at our facilities. Our teams are here, available, and ready to care for you and your family. We genuinely appreciate your patience with our staff when you access our healthcare system for your needs.

Please be aware of your own health and the health of your loved ones. Follow CDC and IDPH guidance and call your healthcare provider if you have any healthcare concerns.

Thank you for entrusting us with your healthcare needs.