RMC Employee Milestone

Posted 2/8/2019 in Regional Medical Center

Congratulations to everyone at Regional Medical Center who has reached a Milestone this past year!
  • 45 Years of Service: Virginia Schmitz, HIS
  • 43 Years of Service: Carol McWilliams, House Supervisor
  • 35 Years of Service: Chris Juran, Inpatient; Judy Nachtman, Home Care
  • 30 Years of Service: JoAnn Bellows, HIS; Annette Knipper, Finance; Sue Wulfekuhle, IT
  • 25 Years of Service: Dr. Jane Hartnett, RFH; Keila Monaghan, Inpatient
  • 20 Years of Service: Steve Herington, EMS; Kathy Marshall, ED; Jeanette Riniker, ED; David Staner, EMS; DeeAnn Sullivan, RFH
  • 15 Years of Service: Beth Carnicle, HIS; Lisa Linn, HIS; Lori Ries, Home Care
  • 10 Year of Service: Amy Bernau, ED; Kathy Cook, Environmental Services; Cindy Engelken, Lab; Bobbi Feldmann, ED; Karrie Fischer, HIS; Gerene Gibbs, OR; Joan Gleason, Environmental Services; Lori Keck, Food Services; Rebecca Krogmann, House Supervisor; Lisa Monaghan, East Registration; Morgan Neuhaus, PAT; Michelle Radloff, RFH; Sherri Salow, OR; Ann Wilson-Bries, RFH
  • 5 Years of Service: Theresa Callahan, EMS; Megan Cocking, RFH; Heather Erickson, OR; Emily Finnegan, Inpatient; Jessi Helmrich, OB; April Hoisington, RFH; Caitlyn Horn, OB; Julie Kemp, OR; Nicole Kluesner, PH/PAT; Denise Lympus, Hospitalist; Ryan Moriarity, Home Care; Katie Moriarity, Home Care; Jody Morris, Business Services; Cara Paris, RFH; Dana Ritze, OR; Trina Russell, Food Services; Dr. Victor Salas, ED; Kristi Shaffer, RFH; Emily Tanner, RFH; Ryan Taylor, Pharmacy; Jean Vorwald, Home Care; Julie Woods, HR