RMC Enhancing Hospitalist Services

Posted 6/3/2021 in Regional Medical Center

Regional Medical Center (RMC) cares for hundreds of inpatients each year with our trusted Hospitalists leading and coordinating care for our hospitalized patients. Our Hospitalists are specially trained in managing care during hospitalization, including establishing treatment plans, care coordination, medication management, and options for post-discharge care. However, access to around-the-clock physicians who also specialize in the care of hospitalized patients is beneficial in some cases. RMC is excited to announce the addition of the Avera eCARE® Hospitalist, a virtual 24/7 health service that will help support our adult hospitalized patients, when needed.

Via secure, high-definition two-way video, eCARE® Hospitalist offers a 24/7 connection between RMC’s team of hospitalists, physicians, and nurses and the eCARE team of board-certified physicians and nurses.

This partnership allows our local team to get expert help and advice for especially challenging patients or when extra resources are needed, such as during overnight hours or periods of high census. The RMC Emergency Department has successfully been utilizing Avera eCARE services for the past two years. 

“RMC is excited to offer eCARE services to our community. We are fortunate to have a trusted medical team here in Manchester who offer excellent care. Avera eCARE is familiar with rural medicine and has a good understanding of our desire to give our patients top-notch care right at our hospital. They are here to support us and enhance our ability to care for our patients right here in Manchester,” said Dr. Scot Christiansen, RMC Inpatient Services Medical Director . 

 “We look forward to partnering with staff at RMC to assist in delivering high quality hospital care. eCARE couples sophisticated technology with a spirit of collaboration and partnership – all with the goal of improving access to quality health care,” said Deanna Larson, CEO of Avera eCARE.