What's With All the Pickles at RMC?

Posted 2/9/2018 in Regional Medical Center

Regional Medical Center (RMC) declared itself a Pickle-Free Zone with The Pickle Pledge™, starting on Friday, February 9th.  So, what does this mean?

The Pickle Pledge™ is really simple for something so impactful. RMC employees were challenged to decorate pickle jars with a friendly contest between departments.  Then, starting on Monday, February 12th they start fining each other (or themselves) $.25 for every time they catch someone whining, complaining, or gossiping in the workplace. This simple act empowers employees to actively address and disengage toxic emotional negativity. The goal is a more positive workplace which in turn will make RMC a better place for our patients and the community we serve.

All the money contributed will be donated to the Northeast Iowa Food Bank (mobile food pantry). If RMC contributes $2000+, Joe Tye, Chief Executive Officer of Values Coach Inc. will make an additional $1000 contribution to our cause.

To kick off the Pickle Pledge™, on Friday, February 9th employees enjoyed a potluck of pickle snacks and the pickle jars were judged by RMC’s trusted volunteer, Michele Tiemens and Governing Board members, Cathy Lilienthal and Jane Hanson. Charlie Button, RMC Chief Executive Officer, will buy pizza for the 1st place, ice cream for 2nd place, and a fun mystery basket for 3rd place!

1st Place: Hats off to West Registration with your “Negativity Makes Us Sick” pickle jar!  Your Pickle Jar is awesome!
2nd Place: Environmental Services was really creative with their “Cleaning up negativity” mini-cart!

3rd Place: Maintenance is working on “Constructing a New Culture” at RMC!

The creativity of our staff was astounding.  There was a huge team effort in putting all these pickle jars together. Check out our Facebook page (facebook.com/regmedctr) to see more pictures of the fun!