Orthopedics at RMC

Posted 11/28/2018 in Specialty Clinic

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.

Yhair Avianeda (Masonville)  injured his knee during baseball then re-injured it during football. His mom, Estela, took him to see a specialist at RMC. Dr. Mark Gorsche - an orthopedic surgeon - met with them, did a comprehensive assessment, and went over their options. Yhair was 14 at the time so he was able to be an active participant in the conversation of what his choices were and what he was going to have to do in rehab in order to make the surgery worth the time and effort.

“Dr. Gorsche was very kind and had so much knowledge. He gave me a lot of information to think about. After hearing the risks versus rewards, I knew, with surgery, I would be able to get strong enough to start physical therapy and then get back to playing sports.”

“There is always fear when your child is going into surgery,“said Estela, Yhair’s mom. “Not only did Dr. Gorsche spend the time before the decision of surgery, but he took the time immediately before and after the procedure to visit and discuss the outcome with Yhair and me.”


Dr. Mark Gorsche is an outstanding orthopedist. He saw me as a new patient in August after the pain in my knee was so unbearable and my provider had to refer me on to a specialist. After a thorough assessment, he offered many treatment options that would allow me to start to heal. He explained everything he learned about my injury, in easy to understand terms, then he gave me confidence and hope that my injury can and will heal. Dr. Gorsche has a quiet and relaxed personality which made me feel at ease. I will definitely see him for any future orthopedic needs.

Sharon Maiers, Manchester

Ask your primary care provider to see an orthopedist at RMC’s Specialty Clinic. Questions? Call 563-927-7301.