Regional Medical Center Launches "RMC Helping Hands"

Posted 10/19/2017 in Volunteerism

RMC Helping Hands program was launched on October 4, 2017. The program goal is to be out in the community helping other non-profit agencies, schools, and/or community members in need – by making a difference in the lives of others while strengthening our teams at RMC.

“Many employees and departments already volunteer their time in the community. RMC Helping Hands was rolled out to communicate efforts internally to get even more people excited about volunteerism,” said Charlie Button, RMC Chief Executive Officer. “The goal is to give back to the communities we serve by not only providing exceptional healthcare but by supporting our communities – to volunteer for something we are passionate about.”

At RMC, we are committed to helping people live happier, healthier lives. And we know that good health starts with good nutrition. Last week our Therapy Services Department were volunteer grocers who helped unload food into patron’s vehicle for the Northeast Iowa Food Bank Mobile Food Pantry. Who knows, maybe next month they will be painters or a landscapers.

As a company of passionate caregivers, helping others is at the heart of what we do. That's why our employees volunteer their time, making our communities better places for all to live. Look for RMC Helping Hands volunteers out in the community because we know that in order to move healthcare forward, we must give back.

If you know any non-profit agencies or individual(s) in need, email or call 563-927-7780 to add to our list of considerations.


Pictured: Regional Medical Center Staff wearing RMC Helping Hands t-shirt