Pricing Information

As patients face increased exposure to healthcare costs through higher deductibles and co-payments, the need for meaningful and transparent price information becomes increasingly important. Regional Medical Center is committed to provide pricing information to help patients make meaningful price comparisons among providers.

Regional Medical Center voluntarily publicizes hospital charge information via the Iowa Hospital Association charge comparison website.  This public portal allows consumers to view individual hospital prices and compare them to other facilities.

Click here to go to the Iowa Hospital Association Iowa Hospital Charges Compare website to view Regional Medical Center’s hospital charges.

The information provided on this public website is an estimate of the charge for certain procedures or treatments.  Actual charges may vary based on the length of time the procedure takes, the amount and type of medications administered, etc.  Fees for doctor services or anesthesia administration are not reflected in these charges and will be billed separately.

Contact Us

If you have a question regarding pricing at Regional Medical Center, please contact our Billing Department at 563-927-7405.