Joe Tye Presents: How to See the Lion in Your Mirror

Get an in-depth look at individual strategies you can use personally. Please bring your family - because in today’s world everyone needs encouragement and resilience in their struggles and becoming their best self.

Joe’s presentation covers Five Powerful Strategies for Becoming Your Best Self

  • The Janitor in Your Attic™ formula for re-scripting negative self-talk, setting aside emotional baggage, and building a more positive self-image.
  • The Never Fear, Never Quit™ formula for overcoming the challenges of life with courage and determination.
  • The 10-A formula for transforming hopes, dreams and goals into Memories of the Future.
  • How to use the Pickle PledgeTM to transform complaining and victim-thinking into gratitude and initiative, and to make your workplace an emotionally positive PFZ (Pickle-Free Zone).
  • How to integrate the 7 Promises of The Self-Empowerment PledgeTM (Responsibility, Accountability, Determination, Contribution, Resilience, Perspective, and Faith) into the DNA of personal character.