Quality & Safety

Hand Washing Stations from Regional Medical Center on Vimeo.

2019 RMC Patient Safety Goals - Keeping Patients Safe all the Time

Identify Patients Correctly 

  • Use at least two ways to identify patients, may include photo identification in the electronic medical record

Improve Communication of Care 

  • Use patient hand-off communication as patient transitions through visit 
  • Important test results to the right person in timely manner 
  • Communicate and coordinate patient care throughout Regional Medical Center, Regional Family Health, and Regional Medical Center Home Care & Hospice

Use Medications Safely 

  • Monitor patients appropriately to the medications they take
  • Encourage all patients to bring up to date medication list and medication bottles to every visit
  • Make sure the patient knows which medicines to take and how to take at home
  • Monitor use of antibiotic prescriptions
  • Provide education on the safe use of pain medications.

Use Alarms Safely 

  • Alarms on medical equipment are heard and responded to

Prevention of Infections 

  • Staff clean hands every time before patient interaction
  • Hand Washing Stations
  • Use proven guidelines to prevent central line, surgical site and urinary catheter infections
  • Provide clean environment and equipment for patients

Provide Safe Surgery 

  • Correct surgery performed
  • Antibiotic given and skin cleaned before each surgery

Culture of Safety

  • Continue to build a culture of patient safety throughout all department