Neurologist in Manchester

Your nervous system is very complex. If you have epilepsy or seizure disorders, headaches or migraines, sleeping issues, or other nervous system problems, our visiting neurology doctor with Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa, P.C. is here to help.

Sleep Medicine

Tired of being tired? Sleep disorders can steal more from your life than just your sleep. The lack of rest can affect your mood, learning, memory, physical performance, immunity and so much more. Sleep disorders can have more serious consequences like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression or accidents that may cause more damage to yourself. Regional Medical Center’s Specialty Clinic visiting physician will help you determine what’s interfering with a full night’s rest.


Neurology is the study of your nervous system. The nervous system is very complex, therefore it requires specialized care. From stroke prevention and rehabilitation to migraine treatment to epilepsy and seizure disorders, trained physicians work with your primary doctor to develop an individualized care plan.

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