Phase I (inpatient)

Cardiac Rehabilitation begins in the Coronary Care Unit or as early in the recovery process as your condition will permit.

Phase I educates you and your family about the disease process and risk factors associated with heart disease. You will begin a low-level exercise program at the bed-side to promote healing and prevent the adverse effects of bed rest. Our team will educate you about medications you are taking and the activities you can do on your return home. During Phase I you learn to balance rest periods and activity.

Phase II (outpatient)

Cardiac Rehabilitation takes place as an outpatient in the Bob Holtz Wellness Center. Patients typically attend Cardiac Rehab 3 times per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Phase II helps you strengthen the cardiopulmonary system and skeletal muscles. An individualized treatment plan is set up for you. You will spend time in range of motion exercise to improve flexibility, followed by walking and/or bicycling. Weight training is incorporated to strengthen upper extremities. You will wear a heart monitor during the exercise sessions to evaluate your heart’s tolerance of the workload placed upon it.

Phase III (in your home)

Cardiac Rehabilitation takes place in your environment or by joining the Bob Holtz Wellness Center.

This phase helps exercise become a habit for the now healthy you. You can attain a desirable level of fitness which can be comfortably tailored to meet your needs. Exercise is now part of your daily life.