Diabetes Management

The Regional Medical Center Diabetes Educators are a resource for people with diabetes and their families, providing a comprehensive diabetes management program for children and adults with newly diagnosed or known diabetes conditions. Our team of healthcare professionals works with you and your primary care provider to tailor a diabetes plan that is right for you.

The program is certified by the American Diabetes Association and licensed by the state of Iowa, serving children and adults with Type I, Type II or gestational diabetes. Request an appointment, or contact the educators at 563-927-7430.

Why Choose RMC?

  • Individually tailored program that is coordinated with your primary physician
  • Learn effective self-management skilles to reduce long-term complications
  • Personalized care

Diabetes Courses

A variety of specific courses are offered through the education program.

Program Highlights

What makes our diabetes program great?

Diabetes News

Get tips on healthly food choices, exercise, and diabetes care.


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