Dialysis (Tri-State Dialysis)

Dialysis services are provided at RMC by Tri-State Dialysis.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 5 AM-4:30 PM

Phone: 563-927-7370

Regional Medical Center, 709 W. Main St., Manchester, IA 52057

Parking Lot 1, Entrance A

When kidney function is so poor that it threatens health and survival, which is end-stage renal disease (ESRD) a kidney transplant may be needed. When a kidney transplant is not immediately available or possible, dialysis can replace the critical functions of the kidneys and sustain life.The purpose of dialysis is to help keep the body's chemicals in balance and remove waste and excess fluid from the blood to prevent build-up and control blood pressure, which the kidneys do when they are healthy.

Most patients will continue dialysis for the rest of their lives (unless a kidney transplant is available and successful). Dialysis is not a cure, but it is a step toward feeling better and living longer.