The staff at RMC did everything they could to find out what was wrong with me when I thought I was having a heart attack. Dr. Boom was in the ER. He was dedicated and determined. It turns out I needed gall bladder surgery. Dr. Messerly and his wife are a great team and took care of me with the gall bladder surgery! The people of this area are very lucky to have this hospital in the community.
Billie Winter

Emergency Services

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In emergency situations, minutes matter. Since 1950 we have provided high-quality, rapid emergency care services to patients throughout our communities, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When should I seek Emergency Services?

Does my situation warrant a trip to the ER?

What happens when I arrive?

What will be expected of me when I get there?

Who can be with me in the ER?

Can a family member or friend stay during my visit?

I don't have insurance.

Can I still get treatment without medical insurance?

Who do I call with questions after discharge?

What if I have questions or need care after I go home?

When the unexpected happens, where should you go?

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