Our hospitalists are specially trained in managing care during hospitalization, including establishing treatment plans, care coordination, medication management, and options for post-discharge care.

How will a hospitalist benefit me?

  • Our hospitalist is present at RMC and available to spend time with you.
  • Our hospitalist will answer your and your family’s healthcare questions or concerns face-to-face, helping keep your mind at ease.
  • Your primary care provider will share all the needed information about your medical history, at the time of your admission to RMC, with our hospitalist so you can get the best care possible.
How will a hospitalist care for me?
  • Our hospitalist will work closely with a supervising physician, who may be your primary care provider, in managing your hospital care.
  • Our hospitalist will monitor your condition, perform examinations, make diagnoses, and order tests.
  • Our hospitalist will assist you through the recovery process by following up on tests and adjusting treatment regimens throughout the day based on test results.
  • Our hospitalist will provide updates to your primary care provider on significant changes in your condition.
What happens after my discharge?
  • Our hospitalist will communicate with your primary care provider on the care you received at RMC, including any prescriptions given upon discharge, further treatment recommendations, or recommended follow-up care.
  • You will receive follow-up care from your primary care provider.
Meet our hospitalists.

Allison Berns, MHA, PA-C
Denise Lympus, MSN, AGACNP-BC, FNP-BC

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