Driving Evaluation

In-Clinic Driving Evaluation

What to expect?

Our goal is to promote safe and independent community mobility. The driving evaluation will take place in the Therapy Services Department here at Regional Medical Center. This service requires a provider referral and is billed through your insurance.

  • An occupational therapist will work with you one-on-one to assess the physical, visual, and cognitive skills that are needed to safely operate a vehicle.
  • We will not be driving in the community during the evaluation.
  • Expect to be at the clinic for about 2 hours to complete the evaluation.
What to bring?
  • Your current driver's license
  • Any device you typically use to get around (walker, cane, etc.)
  • Eye glasses or contacts that are typically worn when you drive
What happens next?

Only the DOT or your medical provider are able to make any official changes or restrictions to your license. Results from our evaluation will be sent to your provider so that they can use this information to make an informed decision and provide appropriate recommendations for driving. 

Call Therapy Services at 563-927-7322 if you have any questions.