Bone Density (DEXA)

Bone Densitometry is a low-dose X-ray that checks for signs of mineral loss and bone thinning.
What is Bone Densitometry?

Often referred to as a DEXA Scan (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry), bone densitometry is the test utilized for the evaluation of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is the most common type of bone disease and most commonly associated with menopause since lower estrogen levels increase the rate of bone loss.

During the Exam:

Wear a comfortable two-piece outfit without any metal buttons, buckles, or zippers. During the exam you will lie on your back on a special table. An overhead arm will scan above your body taking special readings of your bone density. You will be instructed to lie still while the images are being generated. Measurements of your spine and hip are gathered and a computerized printout is then generated.

The radiologist will interpret the results and a report is sent to your healthcare provider. Often, subsequent bone density tests are useful to monitor any rate of bone loss.