Whole Body Composition Screening

A Whole Body Composition screening will help you learn about your whole body health, outlining the fat, lean muscle, and bone using a scale of colors to represent each area.

When combined with other wellness changes such as diet and exercise, this is a great tool to help you work towards a healthier YOU!

What is a Whole Body Composition Screening?

A Whole Body Composition screening is a painless test using a low-dose x-ray beam to take a picture of the inside of the body.  It shows the amount of fat, lean muscle, and bone using a scale of colors.

The analysis aides healthcare providers in identifying serious long-term health risks.  This information can guide lifestyle changes to reduce your risks.

Benefits of screening

  • Able to see the areas of the body storing extra fat. 
  • More accurate than BMI (body mass index).
  • Monitors body fat loss and muscle growth from exercise.
  • Provides baseline for nutritional counseling and treatment for weight-related issues.
  • Maximizes performance of athletes.

Preparing for screening

  • Wear clothing with no zippers, buttons, or metallic parts.  If this is not possible, a gown will be provided.
  • Remove all jewelry, hairpins, glasses, and other metallic objects.

What to expect

Plan approximately 30 minutes for the entire procedure including registration.  The scan itself will last 6 minutes.

  • Park in Lot 1, Entrance A
  • Register at East Registration, located inside River Ridge Pavilion.
  • $35 payment is due at the time of service.

Make your appointment today!

A referral from your primary care provider is needed prior to scheduling. Call 563-927-7338 for an appointment. Patients are strongly recommended and responsible for following up with a licensed healthcare professional regarding screening findings.