Make Your Heart a Priority

Make Your Heart a Priority

February 1, 2022 in Cardiac Rehabilitation, News

Brought to you by Regional Medical Center

The month of February is dedicated as being “American Heart Month.” This month Regional Medical Center (RMC) along with the American Heart Association is dedicated to bringing awareness to heart health. 

Friday, February 4th is recognized as “Wear Red Day.” Jane Dzaboff, Cardiac Rehab and Employee Health Supervisor shared, “Our staff plan to paint RMC red by wearing red this day to bring awareness to heart disease and the impact it can have on you and the lives around you.” 

Make your heart a priority. Find easy and simple ways to keep your heart healthy by adding movement into your day, cooking heart healthy meals, taking steps to quit smoking, and talking to your healthcare provider to help understand your heart health. 

By taking one step towards heart health, you are making your heart a priority. Take the first step by calling Regional Family Health (563-927-7777) to make an appointment with your healthcare provider.