Family Practice

Family Practice & Primary Care Clinic in Manchester and Northeast Iowa

Family Medicine is the big tent of healthcare specialties. Our family healthcare providers deliver a wide range of medical care services for all ages and stages of life, including primary care in Manchester and surrounding communities. Think of our family medicine specialists as providing primary care for your entire family.

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In addition to diagnosing and treating illness, they also provide preventive care, including routine checkups, health-risk assessments, immunization and screening tests and personalized counseling on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Family providers also manage chronic illness, make referrals and often coordinate care provided by other subspecialists. 

At RFH, you can trust our team of family providers to build relationships — getting to know you, your family and your medical history and health issues. This patient-centered approach allows us to provide high-quality routine and preventative care for your entire family.

Family Medicine/Primary Care Locations

In addition to Manchester, we see patients in Edgewood, Dyersville, Hopkinton, Strawberry Point, and Winthrop.

Regional Family Health – Manchester

Family Medicine and Primary Care Services

Our family medicine specialists are seeing new patients in all our family practice locations: Dyersville, Edgewood, Hopkinton, Manchester, Strawberry Point and Winthrop. Same day appointments are available, too.

Our family medicine and primary care services include:

We encourage you to see your primary care or family medicine provider for regular and routine medical care. But if you have specific minor injury, illness or condition that needs immediate attention and don’t have time to wait for an appointment, see our Urgent Care team, no appointment needed.

What to bring to each appointment:

Family Medicine Resources

Urgent Care

Do you need urgent care? Here’s a brief overview of when to choose Urgent Care.


We offer this amazing treatment for a variety of conditions in addition to cosmetic appearance.

Behavioral Services

We provide comprehensive and confidential Behavioral Services for all ages, including couples and families.

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