Patient & Family Advisory Council

Community Healthcare Committee in Delaware County

Our Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is comprised of community members who bring forward opinions, feedback and points of view regarding healthcare in northeast Iowa.

Council members bring perspectives, ideas and priorities of the community into planning, improvement, safety and quality within Regional Medical Center’s health system. The goal is to gain a better understanding of patient and family interactions.

The council members meet regularly with RMC’s Chief Executive Officer, Chief Nursing Officer and Quality/Education Manager. The members provide constructive feedback from personal experiences and experiences shared by community members. They also provide feedback on current projects and interactions related to patient’s experiences with the hospital.

Current community members:

  • Brandie Cummings, Manchester, Iowa
  • Sarah Helle, Hopkinton, Iowa
  • Jane Jones, Manchester, Iowa
  • Linda Peterson, Winthrop, Iowa
  • Doug Piper, Strawberry Point, Iowa
  • Jamie Schlee, Farmersburg, Iowa
  • Chris Tegeler, Manchester, Iowa

How do I become a community member on this council?

Please contact Samantha Cocking:

PFAC Member Education

FRONT ROW: Doug Piper & Brandie Cummings

BACK ROW: Jane Jones, Sarah Helle, Jamie Schlee, Linda Petersen & Chris Tegeler