Stop the Bleed Training

Stop the Bleed Training

July 19, 2022 in News, Public Health

Emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time, especially life-threatening accidents that cause serious blood loss. You can become an immediate responder by going through the “STOP THE BLEED” training. This training will give you the knowledge to be able to recognize life-threatening bleeding and act quickly and effectively to control blood loss. Those who take this course will become empowered to make a life or death difference when a bleeding emergency happens. 

Delaware County Public Health (DCPH) will be teaching the STOP THE BLEED training in-person with materials to demonstrate bleeding control techniques. Once training is complete, those trainees are qualified to train others. 

“We are excited to assist our community with this training opportunity,” shares Krystle DeShaw, DCPH Supervisor. “Our goal is to empower our residents to be able to act quickly in an emergency to help - even if they are not a fully trained first responder. Every second counts in an emergency and you can make a difference.”

Ready to be trained? For more information about STOP THE BLEED, visit or call DCPH at 563-927-7551.

Pictured: Julie Kemp, RMC Emergency Technician teaching a "Stop the Bleed" course