RMC Auxiliary Donates to the Emergency and OB Departments

RMC Auxiliary Donates to the Emergency and OB Departments

January 26, 2023 in Auxiliary, Emergency, News, OB

Every year, Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Department ambulances respond to thousands of community emergencies. In 2022, our team responded to 1,065 ambulance calls. Each emergency situation and environment is unique. Therefore, it’s important to ensure our crew is equipped with the tools they need to care for patients in any circumstances. The RMC Auxiliary was pleased to support the purchase of a new EZ-Glide Powertraxx Stair Chair for $8,274.05 for our Emergency Department. This equipment is motorized with tracks to help transport patients on stairways and provide a safer environment for both the patients and the ambulance staff.

Additionally, the RMC Auxiliary donated $4,763.75 towards the purchase of a new hearing screen machine for the OB & Family Health Department. Hearing is a very crucial element of a baby’s overall health and wellness. Unfortunately, hearing loss is one of the most common major birth conditions. Having hearing loss can negatively affect a child’s ability to develop speech, language and social skills. By identifying concerns early, families can seek support for their child right away. Every baby born at Regional Medical Center receives a hearing screening prior to discharge.

We extend our appreciation to the RMC Auxiliary for their continued support and the difference they make in the lives of others. If you would like to join the RMC Auxiliary team or our volunteer group in making an impact, please reach out to Jody Hatfield at 563-927-7581 or jody.hatfield@regmedctr.org.

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