Not All Medical Alert Systems Are Alike

Not All Medical Alert Systems Are Alike

October 25, 2023 in Emergency, News, Public Health

With aging family members and those with health challenges, medical alert systems are helpful to assure your loved one is safe in their home. However, it is important to realize not all medical alert systems are alike as they operate differently with different pricing structures and features.

“On occasion our local dispatch office receives calls from medical alert devices but they cannot determine who the caller is or where they are calling from so they can’t respond,” shares Krystle DeShaw, Delaware County Public Health Manager. “This is concerning because if the device has been activated, someone needs help. It’s very important that our residents in the county understand how their medical alert system works.”

Monitored Systems are emergency alert systems where when a button is pressed and held, a monitoring center is alerted. The person needing help will be able to speak to someone through the unit or wearable device.

Non-Monitored Systems can dial a certain telephone number and announce a pre-recorded message. No conversation can take place through the unit or wearable device. For example, if an individual has a non-monitored system and the device is programmed to call 911, depending on the message recorded, the dispatcher may not be able to identify the caller or their location and would be unable to help them.

Medical alert systems, when used correctly, can help keep loved ones safe and their family members reassured when leaving them alone. Be educated on the type of alert system you have for your loved one to make sure your needs are being met.