Parkinson’s Therapy

Parkinson’s Therapy in Northeast Iowa

RMC Therapy Services are certified in treating individuals with Parkinson’s disease. Our providers in Speech Therapy are certified in one type of treatment.

If you or someone you know has Parkinson’s disease and would benefit from this therapy treatment, talk to your primary healthcare provider. These programs require a provider referral.


SPEAK OUT!® is a program within the Parkinson Voice Project’s therapy program. This program runs a Parkinson’s specific clinic and trains speech-language pathologists around the globe. Our speech therapists are trained in their SPEAK OUT!® program which focuses on individual speech therapy sessions. Our therapists address:

  • Improving your speech
  • Speaking more clearly
  • Speaking with increased volume
  • Speaking with increased confidence
  • Help with cognition and memory

Program details:

  • 45 Minute Sessions (12 Total)
  • Patient & speech therapist complete speech, voice and cognitive exercises
  • Specialized workbook provided by the Parkinson Voice Project