Preparing for Surgery

Be Prepared for Your Surgery

We want you to feel prepared and comfortable throughout your pre-surgical and surgical experience.

Please be sure to discuss details of your procedure with your doctor. We welcome any and all questions. Contact us so we can work with you and your provider to meet your needs. 

Preparing for Your Procedure

  • Ask your doctor and surgeon what you should expect before, during, and after your procedure. Discuss all medications you are taking and any you might need to take following the surgery. You may be asked by your provider to hold on some medications prior to surgery.
  • Prior to orientation, you will complete a Medical History which requires that you provide the names of all prescription and over-the-counter medications, herbal supplements, and vitamins that you are currently taking. An accurate, up-to-date medical history aids us in providing safe care for you. 
  • Contact your insurance provider to confirm coverage details and pre-certification in advance. If you have any questions about the cost of your procedure, please contact the RMC Billing Department at 563-927-7405
  • Make arrangements for transportation to and from the hospital the day of your surgery and for someone to stay with you when you return home.

Day of Surgery

  • Follow all instructions in the Surgical Information Sheet provided in the blue RMC folder you were given at your appointment.
  • Understand and follow the instructions your provider gave for taking medications prior to surgery. You may need to discontinue some medications. 
  • Following instructions regarding food and drink is extremely important. Your surgery or procedure could be canceled or postponed if you don’t observe the stated restrictions.
  • Bathe and dress in loose, comfortable clothes, removing make-up and nail polish. Leave your jewelry at home, wear glasses rather than contacts and bring along a case for your glasses. 
  • Bring your insurance and/or Medicare card, the forms provided and arrive at the hospital at the time provided to you.
  • When you arrive for surgery, please park in Parking Lots 2 or 3. Use Entrance E for Emergency & Surgery. Check in at the West Registration (Emergency/Surgery) desk. 
  • You may be given skin prep, eye prep or special procedure preparation.