Bobbi Rowe Receives Program Director of the Year Award

Bobbi Rowe Receives Program Director of the Year Award

February 16, 2022 in News, Senior Life Solutions

Brought to you by Regional Medical Center Senior Life Solutions

Regional Medical Center (RMC) is pleased to announce that Bobbi Rowe, RMC Senior Life Solutions Program Director, has received the award for 2021 Program Director of the Year from Psychiatric Medical Care. 

There are nearly 100 Senior Life Solutions programs across the nation. Top performing employees and programs are recognized annually based on excellence and displaying the company values of care, compliance, and community. Bobbi was selected for this prestigious award through her ability to execute outstanding patient care, compliance regulations, and community engagement. 

“Bobbi shows great attention to detail and goes above and beyond in her role as Program Director. She is very deserving of this award as her hard work and dedication exceeds all expectations,” shared Lyndsay Irvine, Regional Program Director.

RMC Senior Life Solutions is managed in partnership by Psychiatric Medical Care (PMC), a leading behavioral healthcare management company. Senior Life Solutions is an intensive outpatient group therapy program designed to meet the unique needs of senior adults living with symptoms of age-related depression or anxiety. Our team is always accepting new patients and welcome referrals of any kind. For more information contact our team at 563-927-7560

Pictured: Lindsay Irvine & Bobbi Rowe