Internet Safety For Kids

Internet Safety For Kids

November 30, 2022 in News, Parent Education & Support

The internet is a great tool to learn, shop, play games and talk to your friends. However, the internet is also a very dangerous place for kids to roam free. Unfortunately, this is a platform where thieves and predators prey. It’s our responsibility as parents to teach our children how to be safe online.

How do we do this? Start by educating yourself, to in turn educate them. Below are some general tips you can use when teaching your kids about online safety:

Learn everything you possibly can about the Internet. It not only will help you understand the possibility of danger but help you communicate with your kids. 

Set boundaries on what your kids can and cannot do on the internet. Rules are in place for a reason. Set them and make sure your children understand the importance of following them. 

Share the importance of keeping personal information private. Releasing this information (phone number, credit card number, addresses) is allowing criminals to do a great deal of damage. 

Navigating social media safely. Social networking creates a space of sharing and chatting with anyone in the world. With friends and strangers amongst the mix, it’s important to remember that anything you share (post or chat) you need to be comfortable with sharing to the entire world.

Encourage your children to come to you. Establish open communication to ensure your children feel safe and comfortable coming to you with any online troubles. It’s dangerous to hide those problems. 

Communicate internet safety regularly. This is not a one time conversation. Make this a regular topic.